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project restyle: infinity scarf

Custom Clothing infinity scarf project refashion project restyle sewing upcycle sweater

It's snowing in Seattle!

Well... not at the very moment but it has the past 2 days.  Moving from Denver it's pretty funny to hear people's reaction to snow around here or should I say "feather dusting" of snow! Any who, my days lately have been full of coloring with Arlin, watching movies for the 2 and 3rd time and playing in the snow....because his preschool has closed because of this so called nasty storm (tehe-tehe) and of course trying to squeeze in some fun sewing in between Baby Lux orders.

I took an old sweater of mine that somehow ended up with two pretty big snags/holes on the back and a mystery pink stain across one of the front pockets into a new fun infinity scarf...

I just jumped right in and started cutting before I thought to take a picture...and sorry no along the way pics either. I grabbed a pair of scissors and this sweater and sat in front of my serger and went for it. No measuring or straight edge rotary cutting just eye balling it and having fun. I wanted it to be chunky and textured so every edge is serged and  I mixed up sections between the cable knit parts, the narrow ribbed sleeve cuffs, the wide ribbed waistline and the useable flat knit back pieces.

Here's what I got. It's really cute, and makes me think my sweaters in my closet may not be safe :) Wish the picture was better to show you the definition. I snapped it with my i-phone and uploaded it to flickr from my phone first time I've tried it and something fishy is going on with the resolution because the pic looks much crisper on my phone...anyone have experience with this?

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  • spindelmaker on

    Very cool! You crafty girl you! :-)

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