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upcycle: swim trunks = doggie coat

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With all the snow and freezing rain our pup Otis has been a little hesitant to wanna venture outside for potty time. It's silly what a heat hound this dog is! He literally lays sideways on our floor heat registers. And if we light up a fire in the fireplace he'll almost sizzle his whiskers off he gets so close!

I bought a doggie sweater for him last rain season but French Bulldogs are kind of tricky with sizing. With their stout chest and rather portly measurements the generic "medium size" dog gear doesn't work out so well. So, I knew I'd either have to pony up and pay boutique prices for a "french bulldog" specific rain coat or make my own.

Done. One old pair of hubs swim trunks upcycled into Otis' new, cozy, hip rain coat....

I utilized to 2 scrap pieces of fleece by zig zagging them together in the center to add warmth instead of  quilters batting. Shh, don't tell Otis it's pink.

straps are all ready and pinned into place next part is adding the backside fleece in which I used a very boy-ish charcoal grey color...

sewed on velcro onto the wide chest and belly strap for easy on off.

it even has a handy pocket on the back so Otis can now carry he's own poop baggies and we're never caught leaving home without one.

Otis loves it! And now he can venture out side for potty time- Hoo-RaY!

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  • abby jane on

    you’re amazing!

  • regina on

    Awwwww, that is the cutest thing ever! We saw lots of dressed up pups in NYC, but this little coat is the best!

  • Tammy on

    ahhhh! your doggie is so adorable the swim trunk upcycle idea was genious!(the fact that I cant spell genious means im not but im ok with that! LOL) I got your ornament box yeasterday! I was so excited b/c I am assuming it was the bunny ornament….but all the box had in it was some ripped tissue paper. :o( It had a stamp on it, recieved damaged in NY somewhere….but I was so sad. was it the bunny ornament?? bummer!anyway, thanks for trying. hope you got mine alright. xox cant wait to see you at artfest!! talk to you soon. T

  • jenn on

    oh, look at that face. how’s he liking the snow? Should have made him a parka!

  • spindelmaker on

    You´re so handy, crafty and creative!

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