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wonky times...

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My Mac finally bit the dust. A time where being "green" and using my computer it 'till the very end didn't work out in my benefit. I kinda suspected it was on it's last leg but refused to admit it...

I'm guessing it was just overloaded with too many pictures and a hefty music library from the last 3 years. And it wasn't exactly the pretty white computer you might remember either. Let's just say it was well loved- lots of scratches, paint splatters, gummy residue from old stickers etc. etc. Aw, it was a sad day. I was right in the middle of an email when it sounded like the motherboard jumped her tracks...literally I could hear clicking and screeching and then all the sudden complete silence and a sullen white screen. I knew right then it was gone forever. I lost over 10,000 photos. Seriously, I still get a little choked up thinking about it.


Onward and forward though! I'm learning how to navigate on a new Mac air book so I'm not complaining. While without a computer I've been sewing my heart out! Reading a handful of books, journaling and dealing with some changes around the house.

first share: a wonky log cabin quilt in progress...




debating on quilting this....I may hold off and take it to Arizona to quilt on my Mom's new "cream of the crop" long arm quilting machine. She's staring her own quilting business. More on that exciting news later....

It's nice to be back!

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