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ticker tape doll quilt...

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Had an itch to make another ticker tape quilt... this time around on a much smaller scale. And I must say it was much easier to maneuver on my machine and table.

A bright mix of fun scraps...turned into a dollie size quilt:

finished measurement approx. 21"x24"

front side a quilters 100% cotton- a white on white scroll mini print backside a pale yellow quilters flannel, cream thread top and bobbin

I've got another one in the making using a different color combo. These are a fun way to utilize scrap fabrics.

I'm off to bed earlier than usual tonight... you could say I'm plum tuckered after aiding Arlin and his handwriting of 16 plus Valentines Day cards for his preschool buddies...I'm quite positive the sugar intake from todays cookie decoration play-date didn't exactly help our situation. We had to take a few breaks and regroup.

But he's a rockstar! He finished all of them!

Arlin: "Mama, I think Valentines Day is cooL!"

Mama: "Yah buddy? why's that?

Arlin: "Because you get to eat lot-s-a SugaR!!!"

Oh Lord....

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  • regina on

    I need you to send this “itch” my way because I started 2 quilts 18 months ago and can’t seem to finish them! Yours in beautiful. I absolutely love the colors!

  • spindelmaker on

    You´ve got a seriously cool, little man in your home! :-)

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