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thrifty finds & new art journal...

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I detoured to a couple local Seattle thrift stores after dropping Arlin off at pre-school. Seems like I get this itch quite often to wander through the isles brainstorming new projects and hoping to score some hidden treasure. I'm pretty disciplined, I never spend more than $10 dollars on any thrift store outing....unless it's a sewing machine...then I might splurge. But that takes time...cause I always have to find a power source and plug it in and scope it inside and out. Most of the time, you can be guaranteed the sewing machines you see in thrift stores are missing components, or have broken parts or even rusted out from poor storage. I've spent a good bit of time studying sewing machines lately (because I'm nerdy like that!) but I feel pretty confident I'd be able to identify a quality find. I'm sure my collectors itch is bound to take over one day! I really want to find a vintage Necchi!

Anywho...I scored these items today. From the West Seattle senior center:

...a ladies vintage skirt hem marker....$5.00 I think this is so cool

a couple yards of microsuede in two different shades of taupe, perfect for pillow backs. Ready? I paid a whopping $0.40 cents for both!!! My jaw dropped at the register when the little lady told me my total. I just happened to hit their "50% off linen sale" still I was mind blown at the .80 cent price tag.

And from Seattle Salvation Army:

Richard Scarry's "Best Mysteries EVER!"

a hard cover (I don't really care for soft bound kid books) for $1.00. I love that Arlin digs Richard Scarry as much as I did when I was a kid.

And last share for today...I got a new ART journal.

this journal is perfect size (5.75"x 8.25") for journaling on the go. I think my mongo-huge art journal is staying home this year when I head to Artfest (well, maybe it will hang out in the car:)) I've been on a journaling binge the past few days...I call it my free therapy!

a quote by Reinhold Niebuhr I got from a book I'm currently reading.

having fun making journal entry backgrounds by collaging misc. found papers some hand painted along with small random fabric bits sewn by machine onto a large piece of paper then cut down to glue onto journal page...

I've got lots more journaling to share. I've even been art-ing in Arlin Jack's Doodle book too!

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  • Michelle on

    Oh, love the senior center thrift store! The ladies there are so nice and so adorable. We have scored some sweet stuff there. Also, I just read that there is a whole shipment of burlap bags at Second Use and was thinking someone craftier than me could really have fun with those. You should probably check it out :)

  • abby jane on

    love, i need to get doing stuff. . . i need over this hurdle. . . D I V O R C E. . . it’s like a block to me.

  • spindelmaker on

    That hem line marker is totally beyond cool! I didn´t even know they made them.
    I am so much looking forward to seeing you again, and be art-journalling with you :-)

  • Shelly on

    Oooooo… awesome treasures! I would not have known what that hem thingy was, but now I do. And a new journal, YAY! I am trying to decide what journal to bring… the big one is getting heavier and heavier it seems. Can’t wait til Artfest!!

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