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experimenting with metal tape...

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So as I mentioned in a previous post my Mom recently launched her own crafty business in the world of custom quilting. And of all the years I've witnessed my Mom dabble with various endeavors I've learned she truly believes in the whole "go big or go home" motto. :) I say this in the most gracious way... this lady is a champ when it comes to mastering new challenges.

Say ello' to Mom's new professional "Gammill Optimum" long arm quilting machine... it even has a custom sparkly red paint job!!!

O.k. that's cool right?! But wait...wait, it gets better...

Holy smokes! THAT is a quilting machine!!!

She's like a kid in a candy store....look at that smile. I'm so happy for her. After a week of tossing business names around, she settled in with "Mimi's Artistic Quilting" (gotta love the power of the grandson! aha!) I am excited to watch the magic unfold, she'll be designing and quilting award winning quilts in no time!

It was obvious I had to make a few tokens to say congrats...and welcome her new joy...

a little hand made wall plaque

with a few items on hand and a new handy roll of metal aluminum tape from the air ducting pipe section of Home Depot I had a little fun!

First I painted piece of cedar left over from our fence, cut up some pieces of cardboard & letter punched them, then distressed them all using both silver and burnt umber acrylic paints. There mounted with a little E6000 and mini brass nails.

I used the metal tape on all edges of the wood cutting it to size with an exact knife and then distressing the surface with anything I could find...the handle on my punch tool had a really cool pattern I rolled over certain spots, after scratching it up a bit I rubbed the paint into the new grooves and used an old towel to wipe off excess paint. The eyelet screws are painted too, they were silver to start.

the bottom is a piece of cardboard I cut out and wrapped in metal tape and distressed in the same process...attaching it to the wood block was a bit tricky, I'm sure there are tons of ways to do it but late last night this method is what my brain drummed up...

a bottle cap bent flat with a pair of pliers then cut in half with utility scissors to hide, then bent like a z....a little hot glue gun action and it was good to go.

Metal tape is fun.

a sweet little patchwork pin cushion in the business colors...(got the idea from loving mine that Regina made me)

And well there are a few more goodies in the box but I don't want to spoil all the surprises...

Good Luck Mom!!!

P.S. Stay tuned for "Mimi's Artistic Quilting" website and blog...I'll keep ya' posted

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  • spindelmaker on

    Good luck to Mimi :-) Give her all my best! Wow! That really Is a big machine. She´s not playing around!! :-) Tell her she needs to make a blog, so we can follow her artistic creations. And to come to Artfest! Where she could get some inspiration :-)

  • Pam on

    Wow, am I excited to get my care/start up package!!! It is so much fun to have such a talented daughter and I love to go to the mailbox and see her penmanship. One little correction “Big Red”, as I have affectionately named my machine, is a Gammill Optimum. Maybe a blog soon……right now the learning curve on the puppy is as big as she is :).

  • regina on

    Yay for your mom! That’s a hefty machine there. Is she going to let you play with it? :) Love your little sign with the metal tape. I have a whole roll of it and have totally forgotten about it. The pincushion is awesome!

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