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I recently received some beautiful mail art/photography cards from a dear friend back in Denver and I've been totally inspired to create a mixed media piece to say thank you! I learned this image transfer trick quite some time ago and thought I'd share it's wonder in all it's simplicity.

Supply List:

  • a black and white photo copy of an image you like ( I used an inkjet printer for mine)
  • scissors
  • a roll of clear packing tape
  • bone burnisher or a similar smooth straight edge for sealing
  • a bowl or tray to hold water or the sink!

How to:

Take your photo copied image :

and cover with strips of clear packing tape. Make sure to slightly overlap your tape to ensure full image coverage.

Once your image is completely covered in packing tape take your burnisher and rub back and forth to make sure your tape adheres to your photo- you'll see the ink get darker through the tape as you're doing this. Using your scissors cut away excess paper. Next submerge your taped photo copy into warm water. Cold works too but I think warm makes the process go a little faster.

Let the image sit in the water for a few minutes, I'd say at least five, the longer you wait the paper just separates on it's own.

After a few minutes gently rub the paper side separating the paper from the packing tape. It helps to keep the image wet while doing this process.

Tip: after making a handful of these images transfers I clearly noted that the images I had covered with the packing tape going vertically as opposed to horizontal had much better ink retention on the tape. Why? I'm not sure but thought I'd throw my observation out there.

Once all the paper residue is removed from the tape make sure you let it air dry, believe it or not the tape is still sticky and if you rub it on anything you'll pick up particles that will show up in your image application.

and now you can adhere your image transfer onto anything you'd like! Put your image over various paper applications like journal entries, layered collaged papers, paintings, doodles....or how about on glass or plastics? Mason jars, cd get the picture, there are lots of fun things you can do!

Above is my image on some watercolor paper I had laying next to don't think I'd spoil the surprise of the mixed media piece now would ya'!?

(Kirk, I love the art cards! and I promise a package is in the works!xo) 

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    This looks awesome! Way cool – gotta try :-)

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