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Arlin designs his own shirt!

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I've been on the up of an icky kind of sick the tail end of last week, don't really know what my deal was/is but just trying to listen to my body and be patient. Drinking lots of tea, doodling, painting and crafting with my budding artist!

As an artsy Mama I think watching my little guy explore art is one (of the many) coolest gifts he can give me. It feels like his interest in drawing spurted up overnight. He went from learning to write his name and some circle scribbles to drawing the coolest little pictures

AND the stories he has to go along with his artwork are the BEST! I'm trying to not act too excited, for fear he'll play the whole I'm not your puppet trick. Well, for now Arlin's got a special seat in my studio always open...and I'm enjoying every minute of our arting together however long it lasts!

Checkout Arlin's first t-shirt design!! This is the picture he gave me..."Mama will you make me a shirt with this on it?" "You bet buddy." 


I did my best to make it happen. I think it came out pretty cool and after tonight's photo session I'd say Jackers is pretty happy with it too!

I rummaged through my old clothes bin(now scrap fabric bin) and found a toddler tee of Arlin's and just started cutting. I thought placement might be fun using the raccoon's tail...

Arlin's modeling tonight went something like... "Cool Mom, look at me in my new shirt"... to

 "Hey LADIES!.... check out my muscles!" Yes, shirt off striking a pose... he even put one leg up on the ironing board to show a calf flex...I almost pee'd my pants, I have no idea where he learned this!


how cool is it to be inspired by your own kid?! I 've had a couple new sketches take life in my journal thanks to little fun.

happy Monday.

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  • michelle allen on

    this is super cute! he’s quite the designer/creator already! i agree with janne, you could be on to something. :)

  • spindelmaker on

    That is SO cool! I love his design! You should make more designs from his drawings and sell them. I think it would be a hit.

  • jenn on

    I would love to pack up Daughter and head west to make art with you and the Boy. Someday. Someday.

  • abby on

    so cool! he’s so talented and so are YOU! xo

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