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Soap Box= Mini Art Canvas

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How to: turn a soap box into a mini art canvas! Because making cool things out of trash is FUN!

What? O.k.ok....I'm easily humored.

The tools...

 yep, you can use any size box you'd like...

The how to:
How to: turn a Soap Box into a Mini Canvas

1. your supplies, painters tape or masking tape, any tape that's not glossy will do the trick, gesso, paint brush, a box and you don't even really need scissors the tape rips so easily. Optional: sanding block, hair dryer. 2. Cover your box completely in painters tape. I did a criss cross pattern because I think it adds stability to the box. 3. paint all sides with gesso (you could probably just use craft paint for this) 4. be impatient like me and use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time process, it works so fast you can lay down a couple layers of base paint :) 5. add another layer of different color paint, I dab a dry brush into my paint (burnt umber in my case) and lightly dab on the box and smear with my finger tip (or rub with a towel like I do in step 8) 6. this step is optional gently rough up your box with a sanding block, be careful not to be too rough it is after all, just a paper box. 7. wipe the box to rid of loose paint, you'll see some blue painters tape come through that's what we gives dimension and layers to add to, I took my finger tip and dabbed some black paint anywhere I saw the painters tape then blotted with a towel 8. Pick another color and add another layer. I used teal and fan paint brush for this process making sure I was not even with it's application...9. ENJOY your new thrifty mini canvas!

I'm making a handful of the soap box sized ones to spell out something...I think. Check back with me later. For more pictures of the process click here.

Oh, one more thing... I just realized last night. March 5th was my 4 year blog anniversary. I've been blogging since 2008?! Geesh time flies when you're having fun. I never thought I'd have a blog, I'm such a shy/private person. It took a little encouragement from a wise friend, she said it'd be good for me...and boy was she right.  I can't imagine life without this little creative outlet. The joy I have from the friends I've made through blog-land is've all inspired me, and made me want to be a better me. Thank you.

Maybe I should do a giveaway to celebrate....hmmmm?!

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  • Michelle on

    I tried my own version of this today. Will post some photos later once its all dry. I was using the hairdryer method too, but there were noise complaints from a certain 4-yr-old ;)

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  • spindelmaker on

    You´re so creative! Getting stuff done, and making it all look so cool!

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