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Kid Crafting

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Oh for the love of Pinterest... and the many nights I stay up WAY too late surfing it!! And I thought "google image" search was the ultimate mecca for creative brains. Nope, Pinterest takes the cake. Literally it makes my head do cartwheels!

I saw this cute DIY craft idea last week via AmbrosiaGirl and pinned it to try with Arlin one day after school. It was a success and offered hours of imaginary play, both in and out of the bath tub. We even made extras for Arlin's buddies to join the fun.

We had to improvise our supplies somewhat because we didn't have foamie sheets and toothpicks for the sail on hand but I'd say our scavenging around the house worked out just fine. Here's what we used to make our lego man boats:

Supplies: scissors, string or twine, 2-3 wine corks roughly the same size, hot glue gun, toothpicks or shish kabob sticks, an eyelet, foamie sheets or plastic folder/binder divider

Arlin was even inspired to draw a picture of some "rocks" to put under the water....

I imagine you could put any little (lightweight) plastic figure on the boat but a lego guys hand snaps perfectly around the shish kabob stick...which worked out well for Arlin to give 'em one wild ride by yanking back and forth on the string!

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  • regina on

    this is so awesome! (better than the original, I might add). I have a million corks (what does that say about me?)

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