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derby and art...

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Elizabeth just helped found a roller derby league in Kodiak Alaska. And finding a selection of derby skates on the island is kind of hard to do, so we took a trip to Fastgirl Skates so Elizabeth could buy a new pair....they're pretty spiffy!Last night we decided to take em' for a whirl at a local rink. AND the naughty girl convinced me to knock the dust off my derby skates!

Let me tell you how.......................amazingly fun it is to be back on wheels!

After calculating it'd been a little over 2 years since I'd retired from Denver Roller Dolls, I was a bit nervous I'd lost my groove....but it was like I'd just laced up my skates yesterday. It was SO much fun I had perma-grin all night long. I have an itch to skate derby again??? Well...I heard for Rat City Rollergirls tryouts were this weekend....but I'll be arting at Artfest.  There's always the summer try outs though?! :)

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  • abby on

    love you and arlin’s grin! miss you lady xo

  • Michelle on

    You look so happy Tyler! Hooray for being back on skates :) BTW, I tagged you in a game of blog tag, if you are interested and have the time. See my post ‘Blog Tag’ at

  • jenn on

    i think you should give hockey a chance…. seriously….

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