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Artfest Trades...

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I feel like I have an art hangover...if that's even possible?! Artfest was full of amazing experiences and again I learned a ton about my inner artist.

Got home from Artfest mid day Sunday with Janne and Elizabeth. We headed up to Capitol Hill to peruse Dick Blick for one last hoo-rah of art supply shopping and grabbed some lunch at Elliot Bay Brewery. Shortly there after I had to say goodbye (for now) to Janne as she heads to Mexico for some much needed sunshine and R&R. Elizabeth headed back to chilly Alaska yesterday morning...I teared up a bit as it finally set in as I drove away that the "last artfest" had finally come to an end... Attending my 1st Artfest three years ago changed my life in so many ways. I've met some of the most inspiring women who I know with or without artfest we'll be friends forever. There are several of you lovely ladies and you all know who you are! Keep in touch with me please!!

I may have a few artfest wrap up posts, but here is what I made for Artfest trades....Untitled


Remember all those plastic shopping bags??? About a week before artfest I put a call out to a few Mom's at Arlin's preschool to gather up their used grocery store bags...and if they had any colored plastic bags that would be really cool too. Then with a pair of scissors, parchment paper and an iron I went to town fusing (and collaging as I went) plastic bags into large turn into little business card pouches like this:



I experimented with acrylic paints and and sharpie paint pens painting various designs in bright colors on the fused plastic and then added another layer of clear plastic over the dry paint to seal it. By machine I serged or zig-zagged the edges in various thread colors and put some straight stitch details here and there...and I used velcro from the the dollar section of Joann's for the open/close.


My goal was to essentially make green, and "free" artfest trades!


I finished 75 fused wallet pouches...and also made 45 recycled bottle cap magnets:


These were made by taking a pair of pliers and fanning out the outer edges of a beer bottle cap, cutting a soup can lid into thin strips for the copper colored metal detail, an old rusty washer, and stamped "art" on a piece of cut soda can, then all distressed with a dry brushed layer of black and bronze acrylic paints. All put together with a glue gun....a big thanks to Elizabeth for being my assembly line-factory worker up with me well past midnight the night before we left finishing these bottle cap magnets.



I took left over remnant strips from the fused plastic pouches, stamped em' with and put them in little plastic zip lock bags as a backer with the magnets.


I also made a handful (about 10) of these recycled/collaged found paper magnets.... originally I thought I'd make these as my trades, but the process of cutting and gluing a bizillon itty bitty pieces of paper and then sewing them and then more gluing and then setting the tops with a triple thick glaze seal...was more time and effort than I had in me to make trades...I found sewing the fused plastic bags to be much faster and easier...


What trade do you like? Did you meet me at artfest? say hi if you did! I know I got some fabulous trades and I'll be sure to share them sometime this week!'s back to Mama's reality...mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, the never ending laundry.....and finding time to make more ART!!!!

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  • Michelle on

    Love these! I’m so glad I could contribute some plastic bags to the cause. I knew I was saving those for SOMETHING! :)

  • spindelmaker on

    I think all your trades rock! And I am the lucky winner of your best-looking pouch :-) The orange, yellow, turquoise one.
    Thanks for a wonderful time at Artfest. Your the best!
    And I am so looking forward to your coming art-trip to Norway!

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