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Artfest workshop recap:

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I figure I'll go backwards in recapping my Artfest, because I'm still working on finishing one of my pieces.... Not always do you finish your projects in a workshop....especially if you're me. I took note this past Artfest how particular I am about my surroundings when I art.  Like how I like to be in my little studio....relaxed (usually in my pajamas).... all alone, with MY art "stuff" all around...good music playing....and yummy coffee near by...etc. etc. You get the point... At artfest you're lucky if half of this list falls into place. For LK. Ludwig's workshop I came prepared with 2 paint watercolor crayons and a handful of acrylic paints, only to find out her first instruction was using colored pencils?

Uh-oh I thought.

But to my surprise the gal sitting next to me was a total sweet heart and without hesitation she invited me to share her colored pencils. However, after my day one workshop with Theo I had pretty much sworn off colored pencils forever. (guess what project didn't get finished-ha!) I had never used colored pencils before then and my first intro wasn't exactly a warm fuzzy one. But hey- I'm all about trying new things, and second chances AND getting out of my art comfort zone. So I did.

My original photo print of Arlin...from our home inkjet printer on Staples brand Supreme double sided matte photo paper:


First step was to prep the photo with clear drying gesso (liquitex I think). I used a foam tip brush for application. After dry I began coloring Arlin in with colored pencils...It was key to have a second print out of this photo with me to use as a reference for coloring and highlight/shading placement.


Above photo Arlin is completely colored in with colored pencils....LK Ludwig mentioned in the beginning of class this process can be meditative. She was right...The workshop broke for an hour plus lunch and I with coffee in hand and pandora music on my phone went to town shading in Arlin's blue and red  striped sweatshirt...before I knew it everyone was back from lunch. At this stage I wasn't sure about the background...I didn't really want to invest hours trying to shade playground sand when it had no real value to the I opted out and reached for my paints


I used golden's "paynes gray" a hint of titanium white, water and a smudge of carbon black here and there... I'm happy I stuck with it. 

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  • spindelmaker on

    Neat technique. I am such a fan of Payne´s grey. It looks absolutely lovely here. As does the mini-man :-)

  • regina on

    Wow! what an amazing gift for the hubs. It really turned out great~ what a cutie! The payne’s grey worked perfectly for the background.

  • abby on

    cool! that looks like fun!

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