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Reuse: scrabble tile holders

I'm still no pics to share just yet. My seam ripper and I seem to be BFF's today.. but I've done some other crafting I thought I'd share...

Elizabeth bought a Scrabble board game when we were on our thrift store expedition, she really only wanted the wood scrabble letter tiles for art-ing. So she left us the remnants of the game to use or toss.

Arlin's put the game board to creative use...he says it's the "chamber of doom" and each color square means something "spooky"... don't ask, it's a Lego thing. I think? Just about every Lego guy he has is stacked up on top of the board.

AND I found a use for the scrabble tile holders! added a little paint...


I had originally glued picture frame hangers on the backside with E6000 but I didn't like how far off the wall it made the scrabble tile rack lean. So, with pliars I plucked em' off and figured a long strip of 2 way foam tape would surely do the trick considering how light weight the rack is and the pictures I was worked perfectly.


the scrabble tile racks are displaying all my art cards from my dear friend Kirk!

Not the only one with the idea of re-purposing scrabble tile racks...surfing the net I saw you can buy 50 of them on ebay for $ that would be a serious gallery wall!



  • Frank

    Wow what a creative way to use scrabble in the home. I am going to have to try this

  • regina

    That’s a really clever idea! I even have a few of those little scrabble holders. Hmmm, I wonder where I could put one. You have a great collection of memories too!

  • spindelmaker

    Very cool idea. And they look so good, with the matte black. Very clever indeed!

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