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Ticker-tape quilt & bees...

In preparation for Summerfest I'm in the midst of inventory counting, reorganizing the studio and trying to dedicate the time to complete any sewing projects I've left in that "half way finished stage" which I seem to do way too often. Bad habit.

Over the weekend I found the beginnings of a ticker tape quilt rolled up on a shelf, seems I vacated it in the sandwich stage :) I had the quilt batting, fleece and quilt top fabric pinned together and in the middle a handful of fabrics picked out, some cut into squares. I'm guessing I started this sometime after Christmas? who knows.

Anyways,  I finished pairing fabrics and made some more cuts Sunday night after taking Arlin to see the Lorax....what an awesome movie! I'm not a huge kid movie fan, but I really like Dr. Seuss and as I suspected it was well worth the butter popcorn tummy ache!  I also watched a documentary that night before bed called "Queen of the Sun: what are the bees telling us?" It was a total random pick and it was really interesting. It talked about how important honey bees are for pollination and well, without them we'll be in big trouble. Between pesticide usage and massive sized (like 800 acre big) commercial corn, soy and other various non-flowering crops that have taken over the vast majority of U.S soil has caused a serious collapse in the bee colonies. There are very few regions left in the U.S that they can even survive year round anymore because there just isn't enough vegetation for them to feed off. Did you know an almond harvester in California has to import honey bees all the way from Australia, New Zealand and Italy just to help pollinate for their harvest season? Sadly once they do their job (and well) they're left to die because they starve. What's wrong with this picture? It didn't used to be this way! Americans couldn't just leave nature alone?

As I dosed off to bed I couldn't help but think of the parallels between this documentary and the Lorax movie. Don't laugh....we're headed in that direction. Shoot Arlin's grandkids may just have remote controlled trees in their backyards if backyards even exist anymore! O.k. off my soap box...but if you haven't seen either flicks watch them you won't be disappointed. I have Arlin now trying to tell me we should be beekeepers and build a starter kit in our backyard..."it'd be so cool Mom, we could wear those big net safari hat things and big gloves too, Mom!"...:)

And now the mini ticker tape quilt I finished up yesterday...





pinks, chocolate browns, orange and a hint of turquoise...this will be for sale at Summerfest.

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