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custom orders...

I know, I know...I promised pictures, a giveaway and lots of updates....and well, the truth is I AM human. Shocking right? And those personal issues I told you I was muddling my way through....they're stuck in my throat at the moment. Probably will be for a while. So, I'm asking for some forgiveness, a little slack in advance for my sporadic, scatterbrain blog posting. Maintaining my sanity at the moment seems to a hefty task. And I'm sure you're all like what could possibly be wrong with her??? When the time is right, I'll spill my sad beans. But for now let's take a look at some custom doggie collars I just finished up today...






All made out of men's silk neck ties. 4 collars, 2 stylin' brother and sister doggies!

Send me an internet hug, I could use it. And please know I'm going to do my best to get back on track here shortly.

Summerfest is nearing less than one month away...and I'm sewing like a mad woman! :)


  • abby

    love you lady! hugs and hugs and hugs. . .

  • Michelle


  • Megan

    HUGS!!!! Love those tags- still don’t know how everyday single thing you sew looks so incredibly perfect!! I’ll have to take some lessons :)

  • regina

    You hang in there, girlfriend! Biggest hugs being sent your way. Love the colors too.

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