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Mini Canvas

I was invited to participate in another ART exchange by Michelle Allen of Close2MyArt. This year instead of solely doing Christmas ornaments Michelle opened the art swap up to any form or medium, the rules or rule I should say, were to hand make something you'd want to receive yourself.

I procrastinated (again!)...I was so torn on what to make, at first I thought I'd sew something...but I couldn't seem to wrap my brain around anything specific that wouldn't be something everyone prolly already had. Then I stumbled on a 50% off canvas sale at the local Dakota Art store and figured it was a sign...

Rough draft in my journal..



this is the first time I've ever painted nine of the same's challenging and fun all at the same time. Each little gal I painted had a uniqueness to her. And I thought it was funny they each had a different little smirk ;)!

I'll be sharing my art swap trades as I get them on my instagram feel free to follow me! (username: babyluxdesign)


  • spindelmaker

    AH! They are so adorable! I can´t wait to recieve my genuine Tyler-made art! Yay! I´m still working on mine too. I´ll probably be more of a new-year-exchange than a Christmas-exchange… ups. But I´m making one or two every evening, so I´m getting there! :-) The best pre-Christmas-days to you and your lovely family!

  • regina

    I got mine a few days ago and I love it! I think of you every time I see it. I love have a bit of you in my creative space. Your bunny ornament hangs out with me all year long – too cute to bring out only for christmas. Happy holidays to you and your cute little man!

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