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Painting lately...

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When the waves come you have to surf...

It's just the ebb and flow of my creative path I suppose? I haven't set down the paint brushes in two weeks and I haven't sewn anything since the changing pad tutorial...but I'm not fussing I'm loving every minute of painting in my new space. (*Yes, there are big details to share with blog land, coming to you all very soon.)

I posted this painting to my facebook...


If you only knew what the canvas looked like when I started! It was one of Arlin's many masterful finger paintings :) I think these are the most fun to start with.


and this painting came shortly thereafter...


I was stumped when it came to a quote to go along with her... at first I painted "star light star bright" but then I couldn't get Madonna's version out of my head and it quickly got painted over!


Thought maybe I'd ask all of you? Any suggestions?? Hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

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  • Bree on

    Starry starry night?

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