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glimpse of the shop in progress...

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because I promised...some pics of my space in progress...


more onesies still to go up on the floating pallet wall but you get the idea. I still have yet to put up a long white shelf under the pallet wall which I plan on installing another pipe, mounting it on the underside of the shelf for additional hang space. As for the vintage turquoise sewing machine, I have an idea for a custom welded stand for it (just need to visit a friend to discuss details) which will free up the front window area for another standing toddler mannequin..I scored the tray stools at a thrift store for $6 each...they'll be display tops and stand by  seating should I need it.


isn't this pup cute? Big thanks to my step Mom Shelly who sent him to me for Christmas...


here's the DIY clothing rack built out of black pipes from home depot on an ikea piece with locking casters put on. Hardest part of this project was scrubbing the pipes clean- it was a serious workout!


after researching hangers for eons I found a total score on ebay. These were sold for pennies compared to the going retail price because of an inconsistent stain issue, I took the chance, and was pleasantly surprised only about 4 hangers out of 100 are a little off in color.


fun part about this piece is I can move it around maximizing all space when I need it as the shop inventory grows...


another thrift store score a folding hang rack for $4. It needed a little repair but it's good as new now, it's perfect for overflow product and sidewalk/market sales this summer...

this random bit was an experiment and oddly it's growing on me. Don't ask how I got those bookshelves up on top of the chest of drawers all by myself! (and I wonder why I'm sore or my neck hurts ha!) The drawers hold blank onesies and fabric. the bookshelves will be rotating original art pieces of mine and other artists too....I still have a lot of de-cluttering to do. The open wall in front will be dedicated to fabric bolts for cut yardage....

And that's all for now. I have to clean the studio side before pics! I've been creating and well it's a mess- this is going to be a whole new ballgame for me having customers be able to see my creative space, looks like I'll have to train myself to put stuff away!

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  • jenn on

    I’m so proud of you :)

  • regina on

    Wow Tyler, it is looking so great!! Love all your DIY muscles!

  • spindelmaker on

    Your shop looks amazing! Congratulations! I am so proud of you! Or should I say, I am so proud to be your friend! :-) All the best of luck with your new boutique!

  • Bree on

    Looks awesome you must be so excited! !

  • Mimi on

    Wow, that really looks great and like a lot of work!

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