The Bunny doll...

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The Bunny doll...

This past Studio Tour a loyal Baby Lux Design shopper of mine stopped by to say 'hello! and to see if I had any plushie dolls on hand for a little girl in her family who was about to celebrate her 8th Birthday.

She also shared just how much sadness this little girl was dealing with...With a heavy heart I set out to make something bright and cheery. Something totally one-of-a-kind and unique. So, I requested a bit of time and I also asked for the little girls favorite animal... Her reply "All of them!"

But of course.

Well then, I'd make her my favorite, a BunnY!

I searched through my studio to find the coziest fleeces, flannel and bright color cottons.


She has buttons, a bow... 



 ...& a scarf!

 she even has a fuzzy cotton tail too!

this bunny doll stands over 2 feet tall...And I just love her!

Chris joined in the fun and wrote a little story that's being sent along with her;

There once was a heap of fabric and thread.

Nothing of shape, no body, no head.

Then a gal grabbed her scissors, a needle, and fluff;

And a shape took its form, quite soon enough.

The material seemed to tell her how it must be shaped and sheered

And then after awhile a bunny appeared.

She had bracelets on both arms, slippers on both feet.

Her dress matched her bow, and her orange cheeks were so sweet.

She had a pocket for dreams and another for wishes,

And she was held altogether by both loving and stitches.

When the woman was finished, she looked at this bunny,

She went to call her by name, but thought, “Hey! Now that sure is funny...

I know how I made you from the scraps in my shop,

But I don’t know what I should call you, that’s sorta' where my mind stops.”

She thought and she thought, and she thought on it some more. 

But this bunny rabbit came to life for a special girl named - - - - -.

“That is your purpose little bunny, why you came to this world,

To find your true friend in this sweet little girl.

And as soon as she sees you, as easy as counting 1-2-3,

She’ll give you one look and she’ll know your name.”

And that’s how this stuffed bunny rabbit came to be...

 Awaiting to meet her new friend, 

And when Miss - - - - - saw her, she hugged her tight and looked,

She spoke out her name and ended… no, she started…this book.

Poor little girl is dealing with a tremendous amount of heartache. As she's surrounded by an all new environment I can only hope she can find a smidge of comfort with this 'lil bunny I've created just for her...may she also have faith there will be brighter days ahead!

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