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Tutorial: Party favor bags- Pirate style!

Below are some sketched instructions I tried to write as I went along. Pics on the bottom also help- sorry for the poor quality I think I had my flash off, oops!
You can choose to make your party bags any size you'd like per whatever goodies you plan on stuffing them with. I went for cutting mine 7" by 12" which gave me a finished bag size of 6 1/2" by 11 1/2". 

The pink pin in the above pic marks the 2" inches down from the top. Start sewing your sides here using a 1/4" seam allowance on 2 sides and bottom. And here is where you'll want to start your art/applique deco. like follows:
You'll want to simplify your applique design as much as possible because you'll be cutting each one out! I saved some time and went with a no sew adhesive iron on paper. This stuff is pretty serious business and can really gum up your needle on your machine- so trust it- don't fret- your appliques are secure enough just by ironing them in place. You can find this "Heat and Bond" for sale at your local Joann's by the yard for about $3.00 you won't need more than a yard if you're wise with tracing placement.
Count how many party bags you need and start tracing! You want the crystalized side down and the paper side up while you're tracing your artwork. Pencil works best so it doesn't bleed as your hand moves over it.
keep up the good work your well on your way!
Cut your paper adhesive with artwork on it and place it on the wrong side of your fabric and press with a hot "dry" iron.
Then get to cutting! Do yourself a favor and use smaller scissors to cut away the eyes and nose. 
Because you're using no sew heat n' bond you can iron on your appliques after all your bags are sewn. 
I chose to quickly serge across the top two hems because burlap is not as easy as fabric to fold and press without having a bulgy line.
starting at your 2" down mark sew a 1/4" seam allowance around 3 sides leaving top open. Tip* I suggest if you're sewing on burlap like I did to sew around twice...burlap tends to unravel easily, securing your stitches helps.
After you've snipped your corners turn your bag right side out and then fold in the sides and press. Then fold down each top flap and press to create your drawstring channel. Sew right along the serged edge to make this channel. The scissors above are showing the channel entrance.
Next feed your ribbon or twine through each channel using a safety pin to help guide you. Start on one side feeding it through to the next channel. Repeat with long string on the opposite end. When you're finished you'll have two ribbons/strings hanging from each side of your party bag. Cut each string about 3-4 inches down from the top of the bag. You want them long enough they don't get pulled back through the channel *Optional- tie a knot at the end of each string. Not exactly necessary but cute.
Have a great weekend! Any questions on this tutorial don't hesitate to leave me a question in the comments section!

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