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ZERO waste sewing studio...

baby lux design babylux bainbridge island Sewing studio Tyler Larsen

Weeks ago I was explaining to a customer of mine at the farmers market that I try hard to be a zero waste sewing studio. In fact, it's actually how a lot of my product ideas have been born. I think it's actually kinda cool.
While sewing baby bibs in large amounts years ago...I held onto the fabric remnant piece that I end up with every time I cut the bib necklines, like in the photo below (next to the scissors) At first I saw a hot air balloon appliqué...but I usually keep consistent appliqué fabrics set for each design I create so that wasn't necessarily a great use for these circle pieces that I had in lots of various prints/colors from the bibs...but playing one day I folded the circle in half and free hand cut a heart shape...and just like that two uses for the tons of circle scrap fabrics I had laying all over my studio went to making layered heart baby lux lavender sachets and fabric sewn notecards!
Next save for the win happened while cutting Baby Lux Design skirt bands (the photo below) It was then I realized the skirt band remnants were exactly 4" wide strips and perfect size to use as backdrops for each handmade notecard...
Next up, when I made Baby Lux dog collars I end up having long tail pieces of fabric sewn onto black poly webbing, just long enough that if I ordered the metal hardware I could make key fobs with the scrap pieces that would otherwise be discarded.
The list goes on and on really...Even the smallest pieces of fabric get put to use, like these hand sewn baby lux fabric flowers that I make for girls hair clips, broach pins or dog collar flowers!
Sometimes I think holding onto to every scrap piece of fabric seems crazy but more often than not they get put to good use! As for organizing all these fabric scrap bits, well, that's a whole another story! Do you re purpose your scrap fabrics?I'd love to hear your scrap buster ideas!

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