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And just how cute are these models?!? [youtube ZSCyNSeu5IU]

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Postage has gone up yet again. Stamps are now .44 cents. Went up 2 cents in May I guess, where have I been? Makes me sad, well that and frustrated to know all the mail I just sent out the past couple of days is more than likely going to come right back  to me for more postage...I wish the U.S. Postal had a grace period where they let you slide-on the 2 penny increase. But I did learn a little history at the post office this morning... Richard Wright on the stamp above was put on my envelope to...

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1, Easter -

Cheese! Happy Easter Arlin style... Stella's beauties...check out the eggie on the far right?! it exploded just like that, so I told Stella we'd have to make a "funny" out of it! dressed and ready for Palmer Sioux to come over and play... team Woelfel brought us mimosas and we chatted up a storm while enjoying some breakfast burritos (they were yummy!) We all got presents from California! even Mama got new custom pajamas... The Captain is adorable in his new p.j.s! Dancin' with my man... I love being silly with him. & I love givin' kisses to the Captain...

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You gotta laugh...I did. Today I was at the gym and I was totally sidetracked watching some dumb talk show on one of the television's in the womens locker room while getting changed after my workout. Wow, there are some really mindless talk shows on these days. I'm not missing much by not watching the t(ime)v(acuum). Anyways, I couldn't tell you how... OR why... I just now noticed that my gym lock- key chain is of all things a "doughnut" I think it's really funny. 'Cause I have no recollection of who or how it got on that key...ha. What...

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I've been down and out the majority of the weekend. Retarded with allergies from who knows where.  I came home from picking up Arlin at school on Friday...I  was overly excited with the sunny warm weather outside.  After I put him down for a nap I walked over to the bicycle shop on Pearl Street and got one of the jogger tire tubes replaced-it was a total doozey...after I'd filled her up numerous times with Chad's air compressor... it just collapsed again.  $14 bucks later I had a new tire tube and a geared up jogger all ready. Waiting for...

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