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Today was awesome. I got a sewing fix in this afternoon (yes!) and I got a great workout in, seems like accomplishing both of these in one day is a rarity. I made this little hoot to take with me to California, someone in the fam had a baby girl...Brooke Joann, after her Grandma. a mix of fabrics and stitches...and french knots for her eyes... I like the heart shaped knees I gave her... I love making baby appliques...I do. It's so cool to doodle art on paper, then brainstorm how to make it come alive with fabric... makes me happy....

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Looking's time for change.  And it's a big change. We're moving. It's official. Chad got confirmation today from his company and the stars are aligned. If you're reading this and I haven't told you in person yet or sent you a heart wrenching email/phone call- it's because my head is spinning (or you're not my parents *wink*). It's all good and I'm excited, nervous, but excited. I will miss my friends in Denver very much. But I know all of you can picture me living well in Seattle ;) And some of you will follow me there in due...

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