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Photo credit: Eugene Olivia It just dawned on me couple days ago that 2013 was the year of the snake, Arlin actually brought home a coloring from school (as the Chinese new year begins in February instead of January)...I was born in the year of the snake. Thirty five years later I feel as I'm evolving quickly into a new being, setting forth some of my dormant ideas. Taking chances to step out of my comfort zone trying to not be afraid to share my art with the world (this is harder for me than most may think) I guess...

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A journal doodle from last night....I'm loving this new hot pink paint I picked up at Dick Blick....and my new Copic Multiliner pens are ah-mazing! Michelle of Year of Living Craftily tagged me in a game of blog tag. I am more than happy to play along as it's a fun way to get to know more about my blog buddies... So here goes! The Rules You must post the rules Answer the 11 questions the tagger posted for you Create 11 new questions to ask the bloggers you tag Let them know you’ve tagged them Michelle questions to me: 1....

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How to: turn a soap box into a mini art canvas! Because making cool things out of trash is FUN! What? O.k.ok....I'm easily humored. The tools...  yep, you can use any size box you'd like... The how to: 1. your supplies, painters tape or masking tape, any tape that's not glossy will do the trick, gesso, paint brush, a box and you don't even really need scissors the tape rips so easily. Optional: sanding block, hair dryer. 2. Cover your box completely in painters tape. I did a criss cross pattern because I think it adds stability to the box....

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I've always considered myself a little superstitious. I'm easily lured into the romance of superstitions because I think life just seems more magical when I do. Naturally I believe everything happens for a reason and rarely do I think we're given more than we can handle...just enough to feel like we're dangling on the edge. But I realize this is how some of us learn....(yes, me!) Anyways, I've been saving this blog post till I was sure I wouldn't jinx the process...see there I go again! O.k. now for the awesome story...It's lengthy, so get cozy. As some of you...

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So talking to Abby J. on the phone last week...doing some much needed catching up, I told her I've been on a bit of painting streak ( I think I have about 4 canvas' going right now) and since it is/was her birthday and all I'd send her something..when I asked if she had anything in mind she said... "Um, something Northwest influenced!" ...*giggle* "But of course." Title: "Away we the Pacific Northwest" (Original collage/acrylic painting on 16x 20 canvas by Tyler Larsen) Happy Birthday girl. This painting has got character for sure. You'll find something new almost every...

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