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I made these today for a doggie friend named "Maya".... I used this tutorial for reference. But instead of ribbon I used some Amy Butler prints... I really like the way this one above came out. I used a brushed black nickel finish clasp looks a little tough. this one (above) was my "practice" run, first attempt...still came out pretty cute but I ended up changing a few things on second collar. I sewed the d-ring into place using a square and an x inside instead of two straight parallel lines...seems a little more sturdy- which I'm thinking is totally...

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Yes, run, sew, sleep and repeat. Oh, and take pictures of pretty flowers... and some pictures of Jacker pants having fun at the park... and more pretty flowers all around our neighborhood and in our yard too.   followed by the Jacker's first ever..."bee sting!" doom, doom, doom...Um, yeah. I don't think I'll be forgetting the screech he let out from across the park any time soon, made both the hub and I run. Poor guy.   the culprit. funny the next morning when I asked Jackers about his boo boo, he said " yah I got a boo-boo on...

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Today was awesome. I got a sewing fix in this afternoon (yes!) and I got a great workout in, seems like accomplishing both of these in one day is a rarity. I made this little hoot to take with me to California, someone in the fam had a baby girl...Brooke Joann, after her Grandma. a mix of fabrics and stitches...and french knots for her eyes... I like the heart shaped knees I gave her... I love making baby appliques...I do. It's so cool to doodle art on paper, then brainstorm how to make it come alive with fabric... makes me happy....

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"Reunited...and it feels SO good!" Come on, sing it with me... It doesn't matter what room in the rental...I make a "make- shift" studio. It's just time I sew something! I've hit my breaking point....If I were an egg, I'd be soup on the floor. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (ha, when don't I?!) and I know I tend to get this way (a little grumpy) if I don't sew/create/craft/work...Why did I ever think I could put my business on hold indefinitely? Seriously, why did I pack almost my entire studio in the storage pod? (um.... I...

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front of the baby book. One... Star. Two... Circles. Three... Squares. Four... Diamonds. Five... Hexagons. back of the book. handmade for baby Zadie Campbell Smith... born Friday October 16,2009 weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs 8 ounces. Welcome to the world little one :)

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