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And the sewing continues... I often get these wild ideas in my head right as I'm about to fall asleep at night. Then if I'm lucky enough to remember when I wake I sketch it out in one of my journals. This baby quilt is on of those late night wonders, followed up by a trip to the fabric store, where I spent way too much time having fun! baby Quilt finished size: 35"x45" no pattern, just an idea and rough size in mind, my favorite kind of project. Although I'll admit still feeling under the weather, I did have...

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keeping it real...this is what my studio floor really looks like A LOT of the time... and all the time I spend day dreaming about installing a new floor in my studio...I think not. The practical side of me, really likes having a concrete floor. I just cut away...or paint away, worry free of the mess I make. That's an ideal studio floor-in my opinion. Although, when it gets to this stage it's just too much of a mess and my brain can't seem to think straight, so I stop and do a maintenance sweep... I started this baby quilt last week...

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