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Had an itch to make another ticker tape quilt... this time around on a much smaller scale. And I must say it was much easier to maneuver on my machine and table. A bright mix of fun scraps...turned into a dollie size quilt: finished measurement approx. 21"x24" front side a quilters 100% cotton- a white on white scroll mini print backside a pale yellow quilters flannel, cream thread top and bobbin I've got another one in the making using a different color combo. These are a fun way to utilize scrap fabrics. I'm off to bed earlier than usual tonight......

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After last years episode where Arlin was cranky pants because he decided the day before Halloween he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear instead of Sam I am. In which my poor Mom and I labored on for over a week hand sewing his costume, green eggs and ham & all! can catch the recap here. So, I swore this year I wasn't going to make his costume till the last here we go, this afternoons daunting task is to create this costume: Lego Ninjago, Cole Wish me luck...cardboard, black fabric, and sword making here I come....

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My guy is 4 years old today. I can't hardly believe it... Dear Arlin,  October 7th is a day Mama will cherish forever. The moment you arrived my life changed in ways words will never be enough to explain how blessed I feel. I love you Arlin Jack...Happy Birthday my sweet boy!!! xoxo,  Mama I will love you forever. I will like you always. As long as I am living my baby you'll be!

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Thought I'd finally share the robot curtains I finished (weeks ago!) and share a little of Arlin's world with you too! I splurged on fabric. I just fell in love with this Japanese robot/train theme print. it's kinda kitschy/vintage and the colors go with everything we'd already started in his room. instead of a drapery rod we installed a tension cable, picked up all the parts at the hardware store for just a few dollars. Originally I intended to put grommets in the curtain header but I haven't found the right size and finish so I'm just using hook clips...

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is cool. I think I forgot just how cool it was...Endless rows of books about anything and everything. I've introduced Jackers to the library and he loves it. And I love that my whole pep talk about being "quiet" inside the library actually worked (o.k. there was a little bribing involved) hey- a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do...But now it's a regular after school thing for us. It's making my "read to Arlin" every day way more fun. The Seattle library check out limit is 50 books at one time-holy cow! that's a lot of books! So,...

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