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I figure I'll go backwards in recapping my Artfest, because I'm still working on finishing one of my pieces.... Not always do you finish your projects in a workshop....especially if you're me. I took note this past Artfest how particular I am about my surroundings when I art.  Like how I like to be in my little studio....relaxed (usually in my pajamas).... all alone, with MY art "stuff" all around...good music playing....and yummy coffee near by...etc. etc. You get the point... At artfest you're lucky if half of this list falls into place. For LK. Ludwig's workshop I came prepared...

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I feel like I have an art hangover...if that's even possible?! Artfest was full of amazing experiences and again I learned a ton about my inner artist. Got home from Artfest mid day Sunday with Janne and Elizabeth. We headed up to Capitol Hill to peruse Dick Blick for one last hoo-rah of art supply shopping and grabbed some lunch at Elliot Bay Brewery. Shortly there after I had to say goodbye (for now) to Janne as she heads to Mexico for some much needed sunshine and R&R. Elizabeth headed back to chilly Alaska yesterday morning...I teared up a bit...

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and it begins!...the countdown till Artfest. About this time it's all my brain can think about. Really it must be very annoying for the hub, but I gotta say he's being a trooper. Frantically making  my artfest trades the studio looks like it was hit by a tornado of mass destruction.  Shreds of plastic, tiny bits of paper and thread are everywhere! (you know it's time to clean up when you find thread bunny trails in the upstairs bathroom!) this is just under my ironing board....hmmm what could I be making?! I'll spill the beans soon. Yarn Punk (aka Elizabeth)...

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How to: turn a soap box into a mini art canvas! Because making cool things out of trash is FUN! What? O.k.ok....I'm easily humored. The tools...  yep, you can use any size box you'd like... The how to: 1. your supplies, painters tape or masking tape, any tape that's not glossy will do the trick, gesso, paint brush, a box and you don't even really need scissors the tape rips so easily. Optional: sanding block, hair dryer. 2. Cover your box completely in painters tape. I did a criss cross pattern because I think it adds stability to the box....

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I recently received some beautiful mail art/photography cards from a dear friend back in Denver and I've been totally inspired to create a mixed media piece to say thank you! I learned this image transfer trick quite some time ago and thought I'd share it's wonder in all it's simplicity. Supply List: a black and white photo copy of an image you like ( I used an inkjet printer for mine) scissors a roll of clear packing tape bone burnisher or a similar smooth straight edge for sealing a bowl or tray to hold water or the sink! How to:...

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