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I've been in the groove...when I draw, music is a must, and of course a little you tube music video surfing in between, hence my last two blog posts. Meet "shipmate squeen"...a catch up assignment from my online silly class. the exercise was to create a new hat using a handful of elements Carla Sonheim gave us (ie.) a boat, squid thingy's, and some different shapes...I like her in just pencil...I painted her with some watercolor crayons and sketched over her in pen this weekend, she still looks good but I think it changes the whole pirate feel of her...bought...

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First the goody giveaway...because who wouldn't want one of these fabulously colorful piggy banks! Visit the talented Michelle Allen's blog here and enter yourself to win one (I did!) Now...for some silly. Today I took Arlin Jack with me to work on my silliness class. We went for a scavenger hunt around our neighborhood to find some hidden "creatures" in various objects... after I snapped a handful of photos and completely tuckered out my little guy...(yes, I had to carry his trike 3 blocks home-fun stuff) After dinner (chicken fajita salad-yum) I finished up a sketch from one of the...

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O.k. this is cool. Carla Sonheim (a teacher from Artfest) is teaching an online workshop! I went to check out her blog late Saturday night and read about this "Art of Silliness" workshop... that's it, paypal...and...I'm in. Silliness workshop runs the entire month of April...Carla emails everyone signed up each day with a new exercise to get the creative juices flowing. Cool thing is you can start late like I did and the exercises are available to download and print at your own leisure till June kinda teacher, cause sometimes I procrastinate, even the good stuff. yesterday's exercise had...

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"proud as a peacock"... doodling in my journal with watercolors this last week I started this peacock feather and wondered where the phrase "proud as a peacock" came from. So, I googled it and read that....Chaucer, an English writer and poet was said to first use the expression in his third story; "The Reeve's Tale", of Canterbury Tales... "As any peacock he was proud and gay." [1200s]. I love google. I often find myself lost in google land on some random tangent of mine. But hey, I always seem to learn something new. Some other interesting facts I jotted down in...

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A Happy Birthday card I handmade my little sister. Ah... it took me straight back to my doodles I used to do in high school. It seemed that I couldn't ever listen in class without the therapy of doodling all over my notebooks, or drawing tablets I often carried. I had promised myself to get this in the mail by Monday. I wanted to make sure the card made it's way to California in time. And of course, I'm lame and late... it left in the mail today. :( Hope Kaitlin likes it. I had fun thinking about her being...

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