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Last but surely not least is my final Artfest recap... Michael deMeng's..."Zoo-illogical" workshop. Let me preface this post by announcing I know this style of art is not for everyone but it's good to keep an open mind *wink* wink* The supply list read: Gaudy old frames (probably nothing larger than 8”x10”, but really that is up to you) IMPORTANT: Needs to have some sort of backing! It can’t just be a hollow frame we need it to have a backing to build our relief on. Animal toys, doll parts, toy figurines, various body parts from models. The figures on trophies...

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These are the many faces of late night art/journaling at artfest.... you can tell we were hardly having any fun... big thanks to Kate (on the bottom right above picture) for all the awesome group photos... on days like today...when I'm knee deep in sewing and being a mama solo....I love looking at these pictures and remembering all the funny stories and good laughs we had! I have one last artfest workshop recap...swear! then it's on to custom order, sew,sew!

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Here are just a few of my favorite trades from Artfest...they keep popping up here and there as I slowly unpack my art supplies. They're so much fun to look at! hand painted broach pin by Shelly Massey beautiful fabric wrapped paint brush by Janne Robberstad cute pa-tootie bear ornament by Michelle Allen a little stuffie chick by Charlotte Whalley hand made pendant necklace by Regina Lord handmade wire book page pendant by Tammy McGee handmade doll broach by Lulu Moonwood a handmade doll by Jaime Morton a sewn oil cloth pouch by Ludgera I've been photographing each trade I...

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I figure I'll go backwards in recapping my Artfest, because I'm still working on finishing one of my pieces.... Not always do you finish your projects in a workshop....especially if you're me. I took note this past Artfest how particular I am about my surroundings when I art.  Like how I like to be in my little studio....relaxed (usually in my pajamas).... all alone, with MY art "stuff" all around...good music playing....and yummy coffee near by...etc. etc. You get the point... At artfest you're lucky if half of this list falls into place. For LK. Ludwig's workshop I came prepared...

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I feel like I have an art hangover...if that's even possible?! Artfest was full of amazing experiences and again I learned a ton about my inner artist. Got home from Artfest mid day Sunday with Janne and Elizabeth. We headed up to Capitol Hill to peruse Dick Blick for one last hoo-rah of art supply shopping and grabbed some lunch at Elliot Bay Brewery. Shortly there after I had to say goodbye (for now) to Janne as she heads to Mexico for some much needed sunshine and R&R. Elizabeth headed back to chilly Alaska yesterday morning...I teared up a bit...

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