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Baby Lux Blog — artfest 2011

artfest trades!

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Part of the tradition of ARTfest is to make "trades" to bring with you. Trades are usually something relatively small in size that you've handmade, only real guideline given is that you (should) put your contact info like your name, email and website or blog address on the back of your trade. Last year I made fabric flower pins, I brought 50 or so and came home with a few, guess I was a little shy with the whole trading concept?! This year I knew I wanted to make something different. I had been collecting papers, music and art flyer's from...

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artfest workshop #3

andrew dyrdhal appliqued journal cover artfest 2011 artfest workshop Events fabric journal cover hand made journal Misc. Creations! photography recycled fabric journal sewing

Last but not least...Andrew Dyrdahl's: "Recycled Fabric Journal" workshop (might have just been my favorite workshop of the week?!) ....prolly cause Maria :) was my partner in crime: I had brought my Mom's 72' singer up to Port Townsend with me...but after meeting Andrew at the Friday night marketplace (where he sold out of his awesome monster dolls) he said there was no need to lug it all the way to class- that he had an extra (brand new in box) sewing machine for me to! Andrew is SO generous and patient. Really, you'd think he'd been teaching at...

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Artfest workshop #2

artfest 2011 artfest 2011 recap artfest workshop diarama Events Michelle Allen Misc. Creations! Paintings paper clay Personal photography working with paper clay

Michelle Allen's : "What's your story!" Sorry for the delay of this post...back to real life has been back to real life in a big way. A sick little guy with his first ear infection :( on top of helping my mom gear her Seattle house purchase for renting has proven to be a hefty load...but we're making great progress. Jackers has been to the doctors and gotten an antibiotic and seems to be feeling much better already. Not too mention my Mom and I have painted the whole interior of her house and put in a new backsplash in...

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Artfest Workshop #1

artfest 2011 artfest recap artfest workshop Events lush layered canvas workshop Michelle Allen Misc. Creations! Paintings Personal photography roxanne padgett tammy mcgee

Thought I'd share what our Welcome to Artfest 2011 check-in gift was... I'll now be grocery shopping in style while sipping tea out of my new Artfest Forever it. Whew, there are SO many pictures of Artfest I want to share with all of you, I'm about half way through uploading and tagging them all on Flickr...I managed to snap over 200 something pics! I'll start with my first workshop and throw in a few random photos at the end! Thursday workshop: Roxanne Padgett's; "Lush Layered Canvas" Roxanne is a fabulous teacher and I'd take her workshop again any...

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Artfest Recap (part I)

art retreat artfest artfest 2011 artfest friend Events Janne Robberstad Personal photography port townsend spindlemaker teesha moore

Another Artfest has come and gone! I brought a good art friend (janne-spindlemaker from Norway) back home with me to stay for a few days. So, I've been a bit behind on photo uploading, hang tight...I'll probably be blogging about Artfest and my workshops over the next couple of days. It was great fun to have Janne meet my family and see my little creative space in my home and tour her a bit of Seattle. I feel so fulfilled from this years Artfest experience...and I'm beyond inspired with a million different art ideas flying through my head. I'm blessed to...

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