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Remember the documentaries I was telling you about here? Well call it a crazy coincidence... last Friday Joe Cross himself the writer and lead role of his own documentary was going to be at Amazon to give a speech. I totally wanted to meet him so I got a guest pass to join. Seriously Amazon is huge! Greeted with a cup of green veggie "juice"as you walked in and told to drop our name into a raffle drawing, so I did then nestled in the second row for Joe's speech. Wow, is he captivating. Really a brilliant speaker. Funny, matter of...

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I've been taking the last week to reflect on some things. Life can be heavy...(if you let it, I suppose.) I feel change coming. Trying to chip away at my 33 things before 34 list. Wow. Accomplishing the list was harder than I thought it would be. One of my goals listed was to read 5 books. I'm almost finished with number 5.... This book is awesome. I've even extended my library check out to actually "do" the exercises in each chapter, keeping a journal writing out of my thoughts. The book primarily focuses on positive psychology and why so many...

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headed out last night with the girls to Third Story Books... for Jillian Lauren's reading/book signing of "Some Girls, My Life in a Harem" me with the lovely Jillian Lauren herself...signing my copy...she addresses me as her "crafty sister" it! I got my pre-ordered copy off amazon Tuesday morning and by last nights event was already engrossed in chapter 13...what does that tell you?! For me, the book fully encompasses the meaning of empowerment.  I find beauty not only in Jillian's engaging style of writing but her spirit to set forth such a provocative memoir for the world to read....

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we take flight late tonight for Jamaica!!! Picked this up to keep me busy on the plane ride... I'll let ya know what I think. I've read a few others of Palahniuk that I thought were pretty entertaining so I'm looking forward to this one. Ahhh, I can't wait for that white sandy beach, Chad's company really went all out, not only are they putting us up at the Ritz they gave us $600 for play! I'm getting two massages, Chad's playing golf and we're both signed up for a Canopy tour- some jungle tour where we swing along high...

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This is Malcom Gladwell. I'm more than half way through this book.... I read Blink first while we were on a family vacation in Florida it was super interesting in the beginning and then towards the end I couldn't stay awake (even if I was reading it the middle of the day) So, I was a bit skeptical to read Outliers but after my husband read a few chapters and shared some insight about it, I was a little intrigued.  I decided to give it a shot and I got through the first five chapters on our way to Seattle. It's...

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