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Lots of bunting. Yep, watch out! I'm sewing reckless with my boot off! These boots are not made for running (did I just say running?) I mean operating! a sewing pedal OR even a gas pedal...no joke, the dressing of one boot with five velcro straps takes for-ever to do! Wishing there really was such a thing as "silent velcro." Anyways, it's not so bad to be cooped up in my studio, I'm actually getting cozy and reacquainted with my machine. I oiled 'er up today. a double sided, finished edge... happy birthday bunting... these are FUN! and SO easy to make....

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Made this bright cheerful bunting for Arlin Jack's preschool class. They're the "Bumblebees"... modified some cute little bumblebee buttons to add some flare... the letters are hand appliqued... Bright side of broken feet= lots of sewing to be done :) These colors seemed to put a smile on my face...I've already started a couple other crafty projects....stay tuned.

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