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a lot like Christmas!! I was sipping tea last night cuddled with my favorite boy-o. I love having a lit tree in our living room. Really why can't it just stay there, white twinkly lights and all?! It also dawned  on me as I sat there... our living room looks completely different than it did last year. Look... 2010: 2011: almost all the furniture is different! I'm loving our low modern sofa we scored at the Kasala (outlet) downtown Seattle. It's so low you can sit on the back side and join conversation with people sitting at the dining room table....

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... having fun with a can of metallic silver spray paint and some old picture frames from around the house, ones that were damaged one way or another with chips dings or scratches...hard to get a good picture at night time but it looks awesome, in the middle is an old glass fruit jar filled with vintage red ball ornaments gonna add another jar tomorrow...

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A few of my favorite packages... Geez... can I just tell you this little Santa Claus is exhausted! (oh, no it's not even X-mas yet) I was lucky enough to order some custom Christmas Cards this past weekend with the help of the internet and of course Chad. The post office was a mad house Monday-I wasn't the only patron who waited till last minute to get mail on it's way. I seem to be almost finished with gift wrapping-I've never had so many paper cuts in my life! Today I'll be cooking most of the day in the kitchen....

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