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So talking to Abby J. on the phone last week...doing some much needed catching up, I told her I've been on a bit of painting streak ( I think I have about 4 canvas' going right now) and since it is/was her birthday and all I'd send her something..when I asked if she had anything in mind she said... "Um, something Northwest influenced!" ...*giggle* "But of course." Title: "Away we the Pacific Northwest" (Original collage/acrylic painting on 16x 20 canvas by Tyler Larsen) Happy Birthday girl. This painting has got character for sure. You'll find something new almost every...

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I took advantage of the hub being gone on business this past week. I ate lots of easy veggie only meals and didn't feel one bit of guilt for depriving someone of their "beef"...seriously do any of you women out there share my pain? I don't know why I even bother to ask the hub what he wants to eat for dinner anymore...answer's always..."Beef, please!" Basically you could say I burnt the candle at both ends everyday trying to keep up with Jacker's all day then burying myself in the studio organizing my stuff /painting and crafting till I was...

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A painting I started yesterday...mmm, another "in the works"... I do wonder why I have to have multiple projects going at one time...although, I know all you crafty pals out there are the same way too, right? Btw, Sharpie paint pens rule, I clearly do not have enough of them...I'm on the hunt for some more colors. O.k. check these pictures I snapped in the car with my i-phone, the clouds...are so pretty they look like fluffy waves! And would you believe me if I told you it was 9 o'clock at night?! Yep, sun makes for LONG days around...

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