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It's been finished for a couple of weeks now, and I've been waiting anxiously to share it with Lindsay and well with all of you. This was a booger of a project and I'm not exactly sure I'll be signing up to do another one. It was way more time intensive than I ever expected. But nonetheless a perfect project for me to be able to take to Arizona and have the help of my Mom and all her space in her house to lay it out and design and re-design till I was content with my own pattern. I...

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Baby Lux Business, concert tee shirt quilt, Quilting, sewing -

Concert tee-shirt keepsake (baby) quilt... in the design process. Started laying out my "concert tee-shirt" quilt project on the floor last night...then my genius Mom came up with the idea of a making a "make-shift" design board, not quite as fancy, or nearly as cool as her neighbor Jane's, my Mom's good pal and quilting mentor who has a custom built design board in her studio (hoping to get some pictures of Jane's studio space, while I'm here....Aw...inspiring let me tell you!) Our make shift board worked wonderfully till I put up the last concert tee cut out... and the...

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