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I started this project while I was in Arizona, late September...hey sometimes crafty things just take time. I used Thimbleberry quilting fabrics for the majority of the design and I pilfered through my Mom's stash :) My direction for this order was to "think old fashion"... she likes foral prints, bird prints and muted colors. In my head I wanted it to look boutique-ish (that should be a word!) to me the front bird print mosaic pockets were postcards. I added a lot of zig zag stitching throughout the apron- not only for necessary reinforcement on straps and pockets- but...

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and Wha-La! the second apron is complete, after a VERY late night last night. I switched up a thing or two on this one. I made the straps larger, started with 3" cuts instead of 2 1/2" which I'm happier with...and I did a little experimenting with "ric-rac" typically I'm not a fan of it, but flipping it under the fabric and stitching together to elude a scallop, I think worked out well. 'nother pen/pencil pocket...and more fun stitching! (my Janome rules!) all pockets are self lined... bright. bright colors...I llllllooooovvveee them! I've passed this sign for a few weeks...

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latest creation!  the bust. buttons are oversized for fun not functionality. quad pocket...3 large pockets and a pen pocket! experimenting with my machines different stitches... the inside is even fancy...self lined for durability and of course show... I lined the entire apron with red and white polka-dot fabric...'cause i heart polka-dots and bright colors at the moment. Hard to take pictures of something without a mummy model...and I didn't feel like taking a self portrait ;) This is one of two aprons I promised Mrs. Lindsay (Arlin Jack's Montessori teacher) for her and her assistant Zoe to wear in class. I hope I didn't...

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