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Any of you remember this? This was a couples engagement announcement given to me for inspiration to be recreated into a baby onesie, you can read the full story here. This was my first interpretation for baby numero uno...a baby "boy" Well....the proud parents have just been blessed with a baby "girl"! And so, Love Life 2 is born... the words Love, Life are hand painted on a 100% cotton canvas then appliqued onto the fabric design blocks- all freehand designed Very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Roxanne for allowing me to be a part of this process yet...

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I was asked to do a custom baby onesie order through Polkadot what seems like forever ago...thank gosh the bundle of joy is not arriving till January!...that and Roxanne , the ever so patient customer who ordered this custom onesie is so AHEAD of the game placing her order in the summertime!!! I awaited the arrival of my long sleeve white onesies stock forever...Oh, the joys of U.S customs and over seas deliveries! Any who, above is the business logo of Roxanne and her business partner (mommy to be). Roxanne thought it would be clever to have a custom onesie...

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It's finished. Custom order complete! Couple weeks ago when I worked the Farmer's Market on South Pearl I met a gal who want a onesie and blanket with a Colorado theme...mountains, trees, and most of all the goodies had to be unisex because her friend in Norway is expecting a surprise soon. So, this is what I came up with, teals pewter grey, lime green and white. I love the outcome...what do you think? The customer specifically asked that "Colorado" be on the blanket...a little freehand appliquéing with some snugly flannels and wha-la! the matching onesie! Also a unisex number....

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