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Baby Lux Blog — custom sewing

pup tent

custom sewing dog crate cover french bulldog Misc. Creations! Running sewing

because every Frenchie deserves a Pup-tent! Poor Otis' crate got a little banged up bent with our move, it was used as a stacker in the u-haul (no pup was injured- he rode back seat with Jacker's) But banged up or not I've always thought his crate was an eye sore. I've had my eye on this, but I just can't justify $545 bucks right now...maybe x-mas otis! My Mom and and I got more than a few chuckles starting this project while she was here. We broke out my serger machine- one that my mum so generously handed down...

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to my own beat...

Amy Butler fabric burpies custom sewing Family & Friends janome sewing machine kids monster fabric Misc. Creations! moving reversible bib sewing

"Reunited...and it feels SO good!" Come on, sing it with me... It doesn't matter what room in the rental...I make a "make- shift" studio. It's just time I sew something! I've hit my breaking point....If I were an egg, I'd be soup on the floor. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (ha, when don't I?!) and I know I tend to get this way (a little grumpy) if I don't sew/create/craft/work...Why did I ever think I could put my business on hold indefinitely? Seriously, why did I pack almost my entire studio in the storage pod? (um.... I...

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