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small delights...

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I love getting packages on my doorstep! I was lucky to be bombarded with three packages over the last few days. And what sweet surprises in the middle of my house fix madness they were! I got some awesome fabric scraps (and stationary) from Jen over at Paper and Clouds and Shelly of a Wee Bit Warped sent me a lovely print of hers I'll have to post a pic when I find a frame for it! (you should stroll over and check out her house remodeling action!)'s not snowing inside the house! I was messing around with Flickr's...

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Fabric Scrap Swap AND Giveaway!

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O.k... I've been day dreaming of how to expand my fabric stash. I need inspiration, and what better way to be inspired? (new fabrics!) Isn't the saying..."May one man's trash be another man's treasure!?" (although my Amy Butler stash is by no means anyone's trash) Anyways, I'd love to throw this Fabric Swap a "De-stash/Re-stash" idea out into blog land and see who might be interested in the fun..... My stash: I have several pounds of Amy Butler's Lotus Collection...these prints being last season, no longer in production they seem to be harder to find...I'm not really picky on trading, I just ask your...

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