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Thirty-three. Not feeling older...but a little bit wiser,indeed. It's actually kinda cool getting older. I have more patience now to flow my contemplative mind. And the persistence to finish what I start whether it's frustrating or not. Definitely evolved from 10 years ago...shoot, even 5 years ago. the hub got me my (one) of favorite flowers; Casablanca Lilies, for my birthday, so cute, he had Jacker's carry them in the house... "Mama! We gotchu' flowers Mama!" and LOOK what else I got!!! *sigh* bye, bye over-heating, heavy hunk of a laptop ...yippee! I was suppose to get an e-reader...and somehow that...

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Yes, run, sew, sleep and repeat. Oh, and take pictures of pretty flowers... and some pictures of Jacker pants having fun at the park... and more pretty flowers all around our neighborhood and in our yard too.   followed by the Jacker's first ever..."bee sting!" doom, doom, doom...Um, yeah. I don't think I'll be forgetting the screech he let out from across the park any time soon, made both the hub and I run. Poor guy.   the culprit. funny the next morning when I asked Jackers about his boo boo, he said " yah I got a boo-boo on...

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