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Here are just a few of my favorite trades from Artfest...they keep popping up here and there as I slowly unpack my art supplies. They're so much fun to look at! hand painted broach pin by Shelly Massey beautiful fabric wrapped paint brush by Janne Robberstad cute pa-tootie bear ornament by Michelle Allen a little stuffie chick by Charlotte Whalley hand made pendant necklace by Regina Lord handmade wire book page pendant by Tammy McGee handmade doll broach by Lulu Moonwood a handmade doll by Jaime Morton a sewn oil cloth pouch by Ludgera I've been photographing each trade I...

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Part of the tradition of ARTfest is to make "trades" to bring with you. Trades are usually something relatively small in size that you've handmade, only real guideline given is that you (should) put your contact info like your name, email and website or blog address on the back of your trade. Last year I made fabric flower pins, I brought 50 or so and came home with a few, guess I was a little shy with the whole trading concept?! This year I knew I wanted to make something different. I had been collecting papers, music and art flyer's from...

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