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it's crunch time for Santa's helpers (if you know what I mean!) Geesh! and the crowds in the stores holy mole'! another handmade ornament: she's got wings! sewn fleece and tule and hand bent wire antennae with tinsel... she's oddly cute. O.k. I'm off to make cookies. Are you ready for Christmas???

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I'm lost in ornament land (again). I felt like Santa dropping this bundle of boxes to the post office the other day... inside were my batch of bunny ornaments for the exchange. So far I've gotten 4 out of 8 ornaments from the other gals who participated. It's so cool to see how uniquely different each one is. The mail man thinks I'm pretty funny, I basically rush him at the door to see what he's got for me. Over the weekend I had a little time to craft with Jackers, I let him play with some model magic, he...

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