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I've been mailing out lots of online orders. Today while standing in line at the post office I remembered reading about this idea, just wish I remember who to give credit to for the brilliant idea. I also remembered I had a perfect book at home waiting to be recycled into packages, while reading to Arlin last night we together learned half the book pages were missing?! Didn't make for such a good story. but take some recycled bubble wrap, 2 pages from the book (The Little Engine That Could in this case) and top stitch three sides, leaving an...

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Remember the start of this project? Letters to spell POLKADOT for the store front window... Chad sprayed a layer of clear coating on them after I finished all the touch up painting...this will protect the letters from scratching and sun fading. the drying station outside (Stella's old table) today was all about getting down to business! Above I had to brainstorm ways to make each letter hang-able for customer to hang on her own. I bought some drapery (london shade) plastic rings to attach to the ribbon for nails to have some where to latch onto. So first I sewed the ribbon folded...

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Little behind on the blog-a-roo-ing... so here's the low down on my last couple of days! Our adorable next door neighbor Miss Ruby gave "Mr. Chad" this humming bird for 10 days to keep and take good care of...but only 10 days... Chad said we had to do something cool, like buy the humming bird a house...but you know 'round here it had to be crafted some way or another...just a little bit. I started painting and couldn't stop. It was totally fun. I used funky colors that made no sense at all but it turned out pretty cute. Another...

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I just want to give a shout out to my man...Mr. Clean...there is such a thing as "love at first sight"...if you're a Mom, and have never experienced the help of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...do yourself a mighty favor and buy a box or two for $6 at your local grocery store! hand made with love...all six letters. Whhhhhaaaaa....Laaaa! I added these girlie streamers to the window decor... I think Stella about flipped over her new room. I had Chad stall Stella at the front door yesterday as I was frantically nailing each letter above her bed. I have never...

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"i dig chicks" New design: size 18 months Buy here... @ Polkadot  or email me for another size request! tyler@babyluxdesign.com What a great day! I'm finally sitting down for the first time! Busy, busy...I talked to Arlin's Montessori teacher this morning when I dropped him off about the art in their classroom or should I say the lack of art. Arlin's in a new classroom and since the school is relatively new all the classroom environments have yet to be decorated. I offered to donate a painting and Mrs. Lindsay (the Captain's teacher) was so thrilled! She was very expressive...

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