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Long time no blog...that's what happens when the sun comes out in Seattle! I've been green thumbing it in the backyard, getting our veggie garden ready for the spring. I love this time of year, it's always lush and green, but something about all the flowers blooming just makes me smile. This blog post is dedicated to Mr. Theo Ellsworth (my artfest workshop day 1 teacher) whom I not only admire for his amazing artwork but his genuine passion to share exploring our inner creative self and the connect he made (or should I say tried to make with me)

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days are stacking... I mean really stacking...I'm trying my best to stay positive about our house in Denver selling...sooner than later would be nice. Today, here in Seattle it was 64 degrees outside, sunny...and absolutely beautiful down by the water...I wanted a pair of shorts and some flip-flops, it was then it dawned on me, I have no clothes for the upcoming summer time, yep, everything is in storage pod floating somewhere between here and Denver. Chad and I took a chance on this move because we knew in our heart it was the right thing to do, and yes,...

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