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meeting joe cross

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Remember the documentaries I was telling you about here? Well call it a crazy coincidence... last Friday Joe Cross himself the writer and lead role of his own documentary was going to be at Amazon to give a speech. I totally wanted to meet him so I got a guest pass to join. Seriously Amazon is huge! Greeted with a cup of green veggie "juice"as you walked in and told to drop our name into a raffle drawing, so I did then nestled in the second row for Joe's speech. Wow, is he captivating. Really a brilliant speaker. Funny, matter of...

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Not in the mood for blogging lately can you tell? Sorry. I have missed you all.  Just been busy living lately. Lots of reading, researching journaling/painting and house fixing! More on that later. Everything is coming along nicely though. Instead of watching garbage reality t.v. we've been surfing documentaries on netflix. Thought I'd share a few the hub and I watched over the weekend. If you have any interest after watching these trailers I recommend you watch the movies. Really well done, made me think about some of my own eating habits but more importantly what I'm teaching my son...

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