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Baby Lux Blog — Magnets

Magnets Galore!

Baby Lux Business glass magnets magnet collections Magnets

it's time to re-stock Polkadot's retail space with a little Baby Lux Design magnet love! Yay...sticky fingers. I stuck to everything today after a magnet making frenzy during Arlin's nap time this afternoon. I'm hoping to swing by the store and drop all these goodies off over the weekend. Tomorrow looks like we're headed to the Denver St. Patty's Day Parade. I heard on the radio this morning that this parade is the 3rd largest parade west of the Mississippi. I'm actually looking forward to just being a spectator this time around, last year I roller skated through the parade with the...

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Cooking & Recipes Magnets

Mini Magnets! Above, I have a new size magnet (3/4" inch) Retailing for $2 each. Tin collections below retailing for $20 each... Vines of fruit... Chateau Cabernet Sauvignon... Urban retro... Merlot vines... I bundled up Arlin yesterday and walked down to Polkadot to drop off these magnet collections. It was cold, about 35 degrees,finally it felt like a late November day in Denver. While I was at the store Diane asked if I'd be interested with her contracting me to mural her business name on the south main wall. I told her I'd love to, so it looks like this...

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Magnetic Force

1 glass magnets Magnets

I had to blog about something- I can't stand seeing the picture of the car all smashed up. I've been busy making magnets and painting onesies. Therapy...all my creativity is like free therapy. I truly love making crafts and painting. I don't even think twice if the things I make are going to sell or not. Call me crazy. At least I identify it's my therapy work- why would I pay for someone to tell me that. hahaha...come on's funny. I'll post more pictures tomorrow- I found really cool silver tin containers for these magnets to be sold in....

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