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keeping it real...this is what my studio floor really looks like A LOT of the time... and all the time I spend day dreaming about installing a new floor in my studio...I think not. The practical side of me, really likes having a concrete floor. I just cut away...or paint away, worry free of the mess I make. That's an ideal studio floor-in my opinion. Although, when it gets to this stage it's just too much of a mess and my brain can't seem to think straight, so I stop and do a maintenance sweep... I started this baby quilt last week...

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Finished one of five paintings I have started...woo hoo. This is for Bree, the crafty quilter behind Me & My 2Guys. She was my paired partner for the international craft swap. So, this bright oil painting is going be traveling all the way to Australia very soon...soon as it dries...a little (hopefully sooner than later) Title:  "Earth Laughs in Flowers" [original oil painting by Tyler Larsen] It's kind hard to paint something for someone you don't exactly know. There's apprehension, are they gonna hate it? love it? give it away? throw it away? laugh at it? critique it? Ugh the...

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Recipe: approximately 6ft of martha stewart twill tape ( used 3/4" here) you can find Martha Stewart stuff at Joann's, Walmart, or Michael's Craft store...just to name a few- that lady's everywhere these days! 6 clothesline pins...(these can be found at a $dollar store, or target, or any drug store) 6 polaroid pictures you like ( I used 6 of jacker pants as a wee bittle) and.... 2 push tacks = Cute (inexpensive) wall art for my studio Now onto the international art swap...yesterday morning over a cup of coffee I signed up for an International Craft Swap hosted by Paper...

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