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Baby Lux Blog — mens t-shirt turned into skirt

project restyle...t-shirt skirt

baby lux design mens t-shirt turned into skirt Misc. Creations! Personal project restyle selling at the fair sewing t-shirt skirt upcycle mens t-shirt

I headed to the thirft store this morning to search for some furniture inspiration for displaying my product at the Art Dive/ Summerfest event in 3 weeks... We have an 8ft x 2ft table space to work within. With all the commotion a fair brings, food, lots of little people :) It makes me a little uneasy to have all white onesies just laying on the table...if they're touched over & over, well then they're dirty and dirty shirts aren't gonna sell!- not to mention anything laying flat on the table won't exactly draw a crowd. ***All suggestions welcome! PLEASE! feel free to...

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